Homestead Harmony

Project Scope:  Provide new landscape lighting for wayfinding, without excess.

The Design:  Owners were shown examples of lighting types including:  Wayfinding, area, enhancing, accenting, new effects and moonlighting.  Owners request:  Area lighting for gate and parking areas had to provide a measure of safety without a commercial feel.  Wayfinding lights that provided some new interest were also required for pathways and driveway.  Accenting of beautiful tri-trunk maple was also important.  This South Island property is a fine example of English gardens in harmony with nature.  Our main design focus was to maintain this harmony.

The Job:  Tree mounted bullet style flood lights were provided at the main gate and parking area.  The Willow pattern lights from the Landscape Effect Collection were placed along the driveway and pathway.  A spot light was added at the base of the group of maple trees.  This installation consisted of 12 luminaires consuming a total of only 40 watts.

The result:  The classic “moonlighting” method (mounting lights in trees) effectively hid the luminaires in trees while achieving the area lighting goal.  Accenting the beautiful wooden gate was a bonus.  New interesting light patterns along the driveway and pathways exceeded the goal of wayfinding.  The illuminated maple trees provided interest up close while their stature could be seen from afar.  The owners are pleased they no longer need to use flashlights to find their way to the car.  They can now truly enjoy the evenings outdoors surrounded by their warmly lit gardens.

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Products Used in this Installation:

ShadowFX Willow - Landscape Light