About Us

We are a Canadian manufacturer located in Victoria, BC looking to bring life to landscapes with our unique patterned outdoor luminaires. 

PLD was started by an engineering technologist and an electrician.  With a complementary skill-sets and decades of experience between us, we set out to design and build a quality product meant to stand the test of time.

Frustrated with the current offerings of cheap, failing solar lights and thin pot-metal or plastic fixtures, we knew we could build something better.

Using the latest in 3D design software and computerized equipment, we built our first prototypes and put them to the test. With our first installations in the scorching hot desert of California, and the damp rainforest of BC we tested our products against extreme elements.

3 Years later, after many successful tests, we began producing small runs of our luminaires.

We are now in large scale production with hopes of reaching every dark corner of the world. Our design has been tested, our processes are in place, and we are ready to light the world.  Available February 2018

Landscape Lighting in Victoria BC