Guaranteed To Last

Built from extruded Canadian aluminum, our lights will never rust.

Architectural Bronze powder coating and stainless-steel fasteners ensure these lights will look great for years to come.

5 year warranty.

Integrated LED

Long life, low power consumption.

The integrated LED is built with TRUFLOOD™ technology which provides wide-angle lighting with perfect clarity. At the heart of this lamp is a 3-watt CREE LED, a brand synonymous with quality and longevity.

The LED’s are built for 12 Volts AC landscape lighting systems and will also operate at 12 Volts DC as well.  

They put out 200 Lumens yet consume only 2.4 Watts, equivalent to an incandescent bulb that consumes 20 Watts of power!

With a 20,000+ hour life expectancy, you won’t need to change a lamp for a long time.

Make the switch today to LED lighting and save on electricity and maintenance!

Easy Install with Universal Mounting

Our innovative mounting base was designed by an electrician and engineer to provide the most functionality, ease of use, and durability.

Each base comes complete with a high-impact strength plastic stake for garden applications.

The base can be directly fastened to a deck or other flat surface using woodscrews or lag bolts.

There is also a 1/2” conduit hole and 4 holes that will accept 1/4-20 rod or bolts for mounting on concrete piers.

Please consult Installation Instructions for specific details for each mounting method.

Our garden lights come with everything you need to use for pathway lighting, deck, and garden lighting.

Made in Canada

The aluminum used in our landscape lights is mined and milled in Canada. Our lights are machined at our shop in Victoria, B.C. using computerized CNC machines. All finishing and coating is also done locally.

Every garden light is assembled with care and includes testing and inspections throughout the process.

We provide a product of unmatched quality while maintaining a reasonable price point. We do this by leveraging efficient processes and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Keeping jobs local is our number one priority. Know that your dollar stays local when you buy lighting from us.


LED Garden and Pathway Lights

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