Piedmont Paradise

Project scope: Provide new landscape lighting to bring out the full potential of this evergreen paradise.

The Design: Dialogue with owners began by assessing needs. Wayfinding along the beautiful paths around the property was important, as was being able to take rover out to his rest stop at night. Landscape accenting and a softly lit ambiance around the deck area for entertaining needed to be considered as well. Providing warm welcoming lighting down the driveway to the entrance of the home was also important.

The job: The Urban pattern from the Shadow FX collection were installed in four deck locations. The Willow pattern lights were sparingly placed around pathways and driveway. 3 flood lights were separately switched and strategically placed under a deck and high up in a tree. Additional accent spot and flood lights were also utilized.

The Result: Sitting around the gas fireplace is now a special time afforded by the subtle patterns of light shimmering on the stained wood deck. The owners may now enjoy pleasant walks around their property in the evenings. The understated yet clear lighting for the back-yard area helps extend the summer nights for playing family games. And Rover likes it too! Guests can now find their way to the front door as they are guided by beautiful patterns of light on the driveway while they pass the lovely accented ornamental shrubs in the side garden.